For all your drain problems


For all your drain problems

Benefits Of Hydro Excavation

  • Faster and cleaner method of excavation than digging
  • Less chance of damaging services (gas and water pipes plus electricity, phone and fibre optic cables)
  • Requires less backfilling and is better for the environment
  • Less labour intensive and requires less machinery


Hydro excavation is the efficient way to excavate, and FreeFlow Drains is Auckland’s expert in the process. We have trained, experienced operators plus fully equipped vacuum and water jet trucks to get the job done. Our experience has been gained on both large and small jobs, so we have the ability to complete your job to the highest standard.

We have tailored our hydro excavation service so that it is ideal for a number of specific applications such as excavating roads and footpaths, excavating for the erection or poles, or for potholing work. It is also perfectly suited when the excavation work has to take place in a location where there is restricted access. To find out more about our services, contact us today.

Excavation Efficiency
Hydro excavation is an ideal alternative to manual trench excavation, which usually involves digging. It is quicker with less debris and earth needing removal as the water used in the process is directed exactly where it needs to be. This is very different to the traditional method of digging. It is also more efficient than digging because the earth and debris that is removed in the excavation ends up in the truck instead of being removed manually.


Over time drains collect debris, grime and grease. This makes the drain less effective and can lead to obvious problems such as blockage, slow draining drains and bad odors. It can also lead to serious issues, including permanent damage to the drain that can only be rectified by replacement with new pipes. This is why hydro blasting is so important.

Hydro blasting is sometimes referred to as hydro jetting. It is a process that involves specialized equipment that blasts water at high pressure through your drains to remove blockages, silt, grime and grease. At FreeFlow Drains we use the latest equipment which can adjust the pressure of the water flow depending on the job. It is operated by our highly trained and experienced technicians. In other words, we can clean your drains effectively, efficiently, and with minimal fuss.

When Do You Need Hydro Blasting?
You can call us to clean your drains simply to ensure they are kept in good condition. Hydro blasting helps to ensure water flows through the drains properly, and it prevents problems arising in future. You can also call us if you are already experiencing a problem, such as a blockage, a slow draining sink, or the formation of unusual pools of water.

Hydro Jetting Capabilities

  • Remove silt and de-scale pipes
  • Remove blockages and foreign objects
  • Remove grease build-ups on pipe walls
  • Cut tree roots that have encroached on pipes


  • Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year
  • Drain unblocking, drain clearing and toilet unblocking
  • Blockages cleared using hydro-jetting as well as other solutions
  • Repair of damaged drains 


Blocked drains are not only unpleasant, they are a health hazard. Even a partially blocked drain causes problems. FreeFlow Drains’ 24/7 drain unblocking, drain clearing, and toilet unblocking services is the solution. We will get to the cause of the problem and rectify it expertly. All our technicians are fully equipped with the latest, high-tech gear to identify where the blockage originates, determine the cause, and fix it.
If the blockage is caused by a build-up of fat or other deposits in the drain, or a foreign object like a tree branch, we will clear it. If the blockage is caused by a damaged drain we will advise you on the best course of action. We can then repair or replace the drain.

Call us whenever you need us, including weekends, nights and holidays.

There When You Need Us
If you have dirty water or other waste where it shouldn’t be in your home or business you need a solution fast. We respond quickly to all calls. Contact us if your toilet is not flushing properly, your drains and sinks aren’t draining, or there is a strange smell coming from them. In fact, call us for all your drain and toilet blockage problems 24/7.


FreeFlow Drains is Auckland’s drain repair specialists, and we are available 24/7. We will ensure the cause of the problem in your drain is properly identified. Our technicians then carry out expert drain repair work using the latest equipment. We work safely but efficiently to ensure you get back to normal as soon as possible. The quality of our work is also of the highest possible standard, ensuring your drains stay in good condition for many years to come.

Poor and ineffective drain repairs can result in significantly greater expense and added inconvenience in the future. Also it is not just your drains that can get damaged if drains are not speedily and correctly repaired. Your property can be damaged and your health might even be affected.

Call us 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. We’ll be there when you need us.

Fast Response
We offer a fast response drain repair service so will be there when you need us. All our technicians are fully equipped, experienced, and well trained. The equipment they carry includes the latest fault detection and jetting equipment, as well as equipment needed to repair and install drains. We will get your drains back to a good working condition again as quickly as possible.

REPAIR Services

  • Damaged, including root damaged, drains
  • Collapsed and dipped drains
  • Storm water and sewer repairs
  • Fault finding

    CLEANING Services

    • Experienced, trained and professional technicians
    • Latest hydro jetting equipment
    • Ability to clean all types of drain throughout Auckland
    • Competitive prices


      Drains sometimes need cleaning too, so call FreeFlow Drains when yours need attention. Our drain cleaning services are suitable for all sizes of pipes and drains, from the small pipes under the sink in your kitchen or bathroom, to large sewers under the ground that are big enough to walk through. We clean your drains by hydro jetting, a process that involves directing a high pressure jet of water into your drains to clean them out.

      The drain cleaning process removes things like debris, silt and foreign objects from the drain or pipe. It also removes the grease that builds up on the walls of many pipes and drains, and it de-scales pipes. In addition it is powerful enough to cut through tree roots if they are damaging drains or causing a blockage.

      Fully Equipped
      Our technicians will arrive at your location with all the equipment they need to fully clean your drain. This includes hydro jetting equipment that has full pressure adjustment capabilities. Adjusting the pressure like this ensures we clean the drains properly without causing any damage.


      Do you need new drain installed at your home or business property? FreeFlow Drains offers the best drain laying service in the area with expert installers, high standards of quality, and affordable prices. We can handle your job whether it is big or small. The drain installations that we carry out will stand the test of time. We work carefully and complete the job properly first time, every time.

      We can help you plan your drain network, working with other contractors on your property if necessary. We arrive fully equipped with all the tools and digging equipment required to complete the job efficiently and within the agreed budget. We also take health and safety seriously to ensure the protection of everyone involved.

      A Service You Can Trust
      Laying drains properly requires the right equipment plus skilled and experienced operators. We provide both, and have a proven track record of high standards of workmanship. The pipes we install are good quality so will last, plus we treat your property with respect, tidying up as we work and leaving the completed job clean and debris-free.

      INSTALLATION Services

      • Drain laying at new house constructions and other properties
      • New drain installations to replace damaged or ineffective existing drains
      • Drain installations to accommodate property extensions or renovation work
      • Other installations including manholes, pump chambers, cess pits, and more

        Vacuum Loading Services

        • Septic tank cleaning
        • Cleaning of cess pits, soak holes and pump chambers
        • Detention tank, retention tank, grease trap and sump cleaning
        • Hydro excavation


        FreeFlow Drains offers a range of vacuum loading solutions across Auckland. We have modern and well-equipped trucks that can handle everything, from septic tank cleaning to grease trap cleaning, to the cleaning of soak holes. It is essential that these facilities go through a regular cleaning routine to keep them functioning properly and ensure they stay safe and healthy for your family and others.

        Our team of technicians is trained and experienced in all aspects of vacuum cleaning. They will treat you professionally, and will carry out the job with minimal disruption. As a company we offer competitive prices, we exceed the standards set by industry regulations and laws, and we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. If you need vacuum loading, you should call us.

        Septic Tank Cleaning
        It is essential you get the sceptic tank in your home cleaned using a vacuum loading service at least once every three years. This is because over time solids build up in your tank causing a hazard and making it less efficient. We will clean your sceptic tank thoroughly and professionally.


        At FreeFlow Drains we can locate drain faults and locations on any type of property in Auckland. The crucial part of the service is that we do it without digging up your drains. This minimises your costs and causes as little disruption as possible.

        Our technicians are all equipped with the latest technology that allows them to find issues with drains, and the location of drains, wherever they are. This technology includes high resolution, colour CCTV cameras that operate by multi-function remote control. This means we can inspect your drains with the same clarity and detail as could if the pipe was in our hands. If you need drain fault finding or drain locating services, you should contact us.

        How It Works
        Most drain fault finding or drain locating is carried out using high-tech CCTV equipment designed specifically for drain inspections. Our trained and experienced technicians will guide the camera into your drain, tilting, panning and zooming as required. The images are sent back to a colour monitor in real time. When an issue is located we note the depth and mark the spot at ground level using removable paint or a peg. Targeted repair work can then be carried out.


        • The location of drain dips and collapsed drains
        • Drain start, route end points
        • Damaged sections, including tree root damage
        • Blockages and obstructions

          When CCTV Inspections Are Useful

          • To identify problems not visible from ground level
          • The extent of drain damage or corrosion
          • To identify potential issues to avoid future problems
          • Exact positioning before undertaking any earth or building work


          If you have a problem with your drains that are not visible, a CCTV inspection will find the issue. At FreeFlow Drains we have the latest CCTV drain inspection technology that enables us to send high resolution, colour cameras into your drains as far as they need to go. Our trained and experienced technicians have complete control over the cameras so can tilt, pan and zoom as necessary. If there is a problem, or a potential problem, we’ll find it.

          A CCTV drain inspection is suitable when you have a damaged drain or a blockage that needs to be identified. This will ensure the correct remedial action is taken, whether that is clearing the blockage, repairing the drain, or replacing the drain.

          Auckland CCTV Drain Inspection Specialists
          Our CCTV services will save you money. We will find the exact location of the problem so you don’t waste time and money searching or digging unnecessarily. Inspecting the health of your drains can also save you money as you can take less expensive preventative measures before full-blown problems occur.


          If you need a CCTV drain survey, FreeFlow Drains can help. The process involves sending a high resolution, colour camera through your drain. Problem areas and potential problems are identified, and you are supplied with a copy of the recording for future use and reference.

          We use state-of-the art CCTV drain survey equipment and have a range of different cameras, depending on the type of drain we are surveying. This includes small pipes right up to sewers that it is possible to walk through. Our CCTV operators are well-trained on using the equipment, and have experience with surveying all types of drain. In addition they understand thoroughly what they see on the recording, and can identify issues in areas that look reasonable to the untrained eye.

          Why Choose Us
          Over the years we have built up a reputation for drain maintenance, inspection, repair, and installation that we are proud of. Our customers trust us because we have high standards of professionalism, and our workmanship is second to none. Our CCTV drain survey service is the ideal example of this. We only use the best camera and monitoring equipment and the most skilled operators to ensure you get the best survey possible.

          Benefits Of A CCTV Drain Survey

          • Inspect the state of your drains
          • Check for faults areas that might cause a problem in the future
          • Find blockages, cracks, and other damage, however small
          • You get a recording of the survey

          MAINTENANCE Services

          • Inspecting the state and quality of your drains and pipes
          • Identifying problems
          • Removing blockages or repairing damaged sections
          • Jet cleaning to remove unhygienic and messy moss and grime from drains and overflows


          Many major problems with drains start off as small issues with minimal or non-existent symptoms. By the time the issue is discovered by the property owner it has developed into an inconvenient and expensive problem to fix. The way to prevent this is through drain maintenance.

          At FreeFlow Drains we will ensure your drains are kept in perfect condition. We will identify problems, and take care of small issues before they become bigger. This includes things like identifying corrosion or dipped pipes. We can also spot and remove the build-up of household fat on your drains which can cause blockages, and we can identify foreign objects, including tree roots, that could be blocking and/or damaging your pipes. A small bit of drain maintenance today will save you significantly in the future.

          Highly Trained And Fully Equipped
          All our technicians have the latest equipment to inspect and maintain your business or residential drainage system. This includes the latest CCTV cameras and hydro-jetting equipment. We work in a way that causes as little disruption to you as possible. Once finished we give you a complete breakdown of the inspection carried out, work completed, and recommended further action.

          ROOT CUTTING

          One of the most common causes of drain problems is tree roots. They are strong and persistent, growing into wherever they can find nourishment for the tree. If that means going through a drain, crushing a drain, or bending it, they will. This causes physical damage to drain, plus the tree root itself can get inside the drain causing a blockage. If you are experiencing this problem, FreeFlow Drains has the solution – our root cutting service.

          Our team of experienced drain technicians uses a number of techniques to cut away roots that are affecting your drains. This includes using high powered hydro jets that pump water through your drain at a pressure high enough to cut through any type of tree root. We’ll make sure roots are kept away from your drains.

          Get A Quote Today
          Our team of technicians has a good understanding of how root systems develop under the ground, plus they have the right equipment to pinpoint specific problem locations. They are all trained and experienced in managing and repairing drains, including cutting tree roots away from them. You will find them professional, and our prices are low.

          Root Cutting Services

          • CCTV inspections to identify where roots are causing a problem
          • Targeted root cutting
          • Hydro jetting to reach roots wherever they are
          • Annual root maintenance contracts available

          What We’ll Find

          • Blockages
          • Tree root damage
          • Damage caused by earth movement
          • Corrosion
          • And more


          Some drain problems are obvious – blockages that prevent the sink from draining, or storm water from draining, or the toilet from flushing. Other problems are trickier to identify. There might be a bad smell coming from the drains in your bathroom, kitchen or laundry. Maybe the water is draining away slower than usual in your shower or sinks. Or you might have pools of water appearing in your garden that shouldn’t be there. These symptoms are usually signs of a problem with drains.

          The symptoms rarely point to the exact cause, though. That’s why you need to call Auckland’s drain experts – FreeFlow Drains. Our team of expert technicians has extensive experience of investigating problems with drains. They are equipped with the latest CCTV inspection equipment, plus they use other methods to identify exactly what is going on in the pipes under your feet.

          Find Out Exactly What’s Wrong With Our Drain Investigations Service
          We can locate problems anywhere in your drainage system, regardless of the depth or distance from a drain opening. Once we find it we will advise you on the most effective way to get it repaired. We can also carry out that repair.


          If you are buying a new property, a pre-purchase drainage inspection will help to protect your investment. The FreeFlow Drains pre-purchase inspection service will highlight any damage to pipes or blockages. You will also learn about issues in the drains that may develop into problems in the future. This information is invaluable to making an informed decision before taking on such a large purchase.

          After all, you wouldn’t buy a house or other property with inspecting it in person, and getting a building inspector to check that it is structurally sound. The problem with drains is that they are under ground and therefore out of sight. They need specialists to check them thoroughly and properly. That’s where we come in.

          Get The Right Information Before You Buy
          Often the seller of the property you are buying doesn’t even know there is a problem with the drains. That doesn’t mean you should pay for a problem that developed long before you owned the property. We will send expert drain inspectors to assess the drains and give you an initial verbal report. We will then follow up with a full written report.

          Benefits Of Pre-Purchase Drain Inspections

          • Prevent you making a purchase where significant drainage issues exist
          • Helps your negotiations with the seller on the purchase price
          • Can also back up a request for the seller to carry out repair work before completing the sale
          • Gives you peace of mind that there will be no blocked or broken pipes in the weeks or months after you move in

          Our customers use our road sweeping services to support tasks such as:

          • Road surfacing
          • Aviation runway surfacing
          • Earthworks and muck-shifting operations
          • Public road cleaning from site traffic, fallen leaves and other debris
          • Housing development road cleaning
          • Project handover operations


          Purpose of Road Sweepers
          Road sweepers are used for keeping public roads, site roads, runways and other accesses clean and for suppressing dust. They are intended to clean up surfaces used by vehicles.

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